European Foods Gourmet Deli 
6513  14th ,  St. W. #111  Bradenton
Sara Bay Plaza 

Our specialties

Great selection of Polish, Russian, Hungarian sausages, spices, cheeses and more. Stop in, to pick up Polish Pierogis or the Russian Pielmienis for a quick dinner at home.

Gourmet Delicatessies

Tasty selection of smoked fish, pickled herring, red and black caviar. We have a large  assortment of cheeses such as : Feta, Gouda, Blue Cheese, French Madrigal and more.

Cakes and pastries

 We carry a wide variety of chocolate candies, chocolate bars, cakes, cookies, jams, herbal and black tea,s Turkish coffee, pastry, beer and wine.

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Send Us a Message

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